History of school

The unique state-approved school

Design - Media – Print – Post-press

After World War II, Eugen Hauchler founded the technical school „Typostudio Biberach” as a vocational training institute for the graphic arts industry. His concept of developing the whole person through vocational printing training was far beyond its time. Since 70 years, Hauchler Studio is the only private Technical school for Design, Media, Print and Post-press approved by the German government and offers courses and consulting both in English and German language.


World-wide well-known since the 70’s

Since the 70’s, the training program PrintInternational conducted in English language is especially designed to meet the demand of training studies for foreign experts and managers, as well as printers and media specialists. Using a pragmatic approach, the courses aim to provide its participants the exposure to current best-practices and effective use of technology as well as quality assurance and overall plant management. Individual company seminars and consulting can be organized upon request.
With more than 12.500 graduates including participants from 115 Asian, Arab, Middle and South American as well as African countries, Hauchler Studio plays an important role as a pacesetter in vocational basic and advanced training. Using a pragmatic and intense approach the courses aim to provide its participants the exposure to current best-practices and effective us of technology as well as quality assurance and overall plant management.

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The PrintInternational programm

Without training no progress

In the fields of printing and media, the world faces a technological acceleration in development. Qualification with state-of-the-art machines and equipment as well as modern management methods are urgently needed. A main focus in Hauchler Studio is the twin concept of education export and technological transfer. Hauchler Studio graduates work as multiplicators by transferring knowledge and skills for the benefit of their companies or schools as well as for their further career.


Pragmatic studies with state-of-the-art-technology

Oriented towards the technological development in print and media, the school offers the program PrintInternational conducted in English to meet the demand of training for foreign students or companies. With the program PrintInternational, Hauchler Studio offers the course PRINT TOTAL – OFFSET OPERATING. The course combines Offset Printing, Plate-making and Quality Management with Prepress and Multimedia, Printing and Finishing Technology as well as Basics in Printing Management.

Besides, individual company seminars or specific courses in Offset Printing, Publishing Operating or Printing Management can be organized upon request.

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Training facilities

Print, Media and Finishing

Due to the pragmatic approach, workshops have a total floor space of 1,400 square meters. The machine park includes Prepress, Media, Offset and Digital Printing, Plate-making as well as Finishing and ranks with the best- equipped in Europe.
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Learning situation

Small training groups

Instruction is given by specialist teachers within intensive schedule. Small training groups with 5 to 10 participants facilitate close contact between students and teachers. Excursions and plant visits give insight into German print and media industry and machine manufacturers.


School and living surrounding

Hauchler Studio organizes introductory seminar, German course and extra-curricular activities. Assistance in acclimatization to life in Germany as well as counseling is granted. School assists in finding a decent accommodation in Biberach.


Location of school

Biberach on the Riss, heart of the region Upper Swabia in Baden-Wuerttemberg in Southern Germany, offers a very agreeable cultural and social environment - the ideal surrounding for optimal learning. Biberach, location of companies with world-wide reputation, lies on an altitude of 550 m between Black Forrest and Munich. The town is situated 80 km from the border to Switzerland and Austria. It can be reached easily by car or train; airports nearby are Stuttgart (120 km), Munich (160 km) and Frankfurt (300 km).

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Entrance requirements

Ability to speak and write English fluently. Basic knowledge in printing or prepress/multimedia is an advantage. Courses are designed for students with some working experience, skilled workers up to engineers and managers.
Deadline for registration is May 1.


Enrolment and fees

Fees upon request.
Due to German law, foreign students are obliged to payment before being issued the student’s visa for Germany by the German Embassy. Payment becomes due upon confirmation of enrolment. School will assist with visa formalities.
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International partners

The world meets at HAUCHLER’s

PrintInternational in English aims to provide its participants the exposure to current best-practices in terms of skills, knowledge and effective use of technology as well as quality assurance and overall plant management.

Since 1969, print, media and management courses for foreign specialists from take-off countries within the scope of the German foreign aid program and in cooperation with PRINTPROMOTION were organized.


Management courses

For Chinese, Russian and GUS plant managers in cooperation with Dr. Sternberg Stiftung, Otto Benecke Stiftung, Heidelberger and MAN Roland.

With Giesecke & Devrient, Klett etc., management courses for plant managers from Myanmar, Sudan, Kuwait and Saudi-Arabia, for Jemen and in Kenia.


Courses for teachers

Courses for teachers from Guatemala (DSE) and Indonesia.

Conception of training curriculum for printers in Algier.



Consulting and training at National Printing Technology Training Center, Thailand.

Consulting and training at Center for Instructor Training and Technical Research, Iran.



Hauchler Studio GmbH

Hauchler Studio GmbH & Co. KG

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Founded in 1946


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